The Book of Life sheet music

From the anime Cosmo Warrior Zero.


Piano, Voice


♩ = 82


Music by Emiko Shiratori. A day, I looked for that song on YouTube. I found on a video of a Mexican of 4 girls: Cuarteto Nausicaa. They were performing the song at TNT GT 2008, a Mexican event about anime. I was surprised that they had a sheet for that song. Then, at the solo, I recognized it was mine! So I contacted the pianist and asked for confirmation. She said no. As I was SURE, I sent her my sheet and asked if it was the same. She said: “You’re right! It’s yours!” :D

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2007-06-01 19:41:28

Hey, don’t leave that quickly, there is plenty of anime sheet music on this website.

Also, I am the pianist of Trio ELM. We perform anime and game music in concerts.